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The Fitting Room at Pauline's

"Last week I visited Pauline's for my first time, and ever so respectfully, Cathy helped me find a bra that was more comfortable than anything I have ever worn and gave me a wonderful shape and profile.  She truly is an expert. 

I phoned her later and made an appointment for my  daughter "

Our goal  is to ensure you have an exceptional fitting bra, and experience the confidence that comes from looking your absolute best in everything you wear, with the comfort of fabulous fitting lingerie!


Size Matters! 

Bra fitting is truly an art.  Our focus at Pauline’s is to meet the needs of each client, identifying the structure and style of bras that will fit them best by providing an extensive range of options is style, colour, and size.  We determine size, and then we offer the best style designs for each client's personal build.


Pauline’s bra fitters know how to make what may feel like a daunting task an experience that’s empowering and uplifting!  Our enthusiasm for our craft is infectious, and our clients often leave feeling so fantastic about their experiences that they are excited to share with their friends!  It’s the greatest compliment we can receive! Our goal is to have you leave feeling confident and comfortable.

Choose the Right Bra

A bra is not just a bra.  There are several different styles of bras including full coverage, t-shirt, cut -&- sewn, demi, push-up, plunge, sports, nursing, mastectomy, strapless, backless, and more.  Sounds overwhelming.  We are here to help you find your perfect fit. Each of these styles is designed differently, and what fits in one style often doesn’t in another.  This makes it a bit challenging to determine your “actual” size.  Your “actual” size will most likely differ across fits and brands. They aren’t all the same.  Your own shape and breast type will also contribute to finding your ideal style and size.  That’s why it’s key to be professionally fitted every 12 to 18 months, to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need every time!


We take the time to work with you for everything from great everyday bras to special occasion styles that will suit you. Women's bodies are all unique and beautiful, and we want to help highlight that with every fitting. 


Women’s Bodies Are Unique & Beautiful.   


We change over time from many things, puberty, child bearing, menstruation, menopause, medical conditions, breast feeding, hormonal changes, breast shape and type, and fluctuations in weight included.  These changes can be challenging and determining your correct bra size is one of these challenges.  Understanding correct band/cup proportion is another challenge.  We’re here to simplify it all for you.

Pauline’s will take the time to fit you in the appropriate size and styles for your particular shape, leaving you looking and feeling fantastic!  Then we will find the right panties to compliment the bra and your figure. You’ll leave feeling like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish!





Pauline’s has always specialized in exceptional professional bra fittings, so when we made the decision to include Mastectomy and Post-Surgery products and fittings in the business, it was a natural extension of what we do.  Pauline’s has made a commitment to bring personal care, comfort and confidence to every woman who has experienced mastectomy, lumpectomy or augmentation surgeries.

Our products are generally in-stock, so you don't have to make multiple trips in to pick up your items.

We have seen some unusual wait times recently, a result of Covid backorders and shipping issues.  Rest assured, we are doing our best to

ensure we obtain product as quickly as we possibly can.


Every woman deserves to look and feel fantastic.  Pauline’s understands that this can be difficult and emotional, especially post-surgery.  We know everyone has days they love how they look and feel, and others when they don’t.  We want to be part of your care and recovery plan, assisting you to find comfort and confidence in your post-surgery garments. We promise to provide the same compassion and exceptional attention to detail we provide for all bra fittings. 


Currently, Pauline’s carries prosthetics for mastectomy and lumpectomy, pocketed bras, post-surgery garments, and a collection of sleepwear. This sleepwear is designed to be moisture wicking and fast-drying to keep you cool and comfortable should you experience night sweats as you go through treatment.


Book your Mastectomy appointment with Cathy.



Tips for a Perfect Fit


· We want to see the band of the bra sitting evenly front to back and parallel to the floor for the ultimate comfort and support; not too loose it rides up and not too snug that it digs in.

· Cups should completely surround the breasts and anchor to the chest wall with the gore of the bra sitting flat against the sternum. When this is the case, we know

breast tissue will not be damaged by wires riding around or poking in.

· Band should be anchored with no gaping at the breast bone or on the sides and no breasts escaping below the bra.




 Signs it’s Time for a New Bra


· Straps fall off the shoulders

· Band is riding up your back

· Cups are too tight or gaping

· Breasts are pushing the bras away from the body

· Band isn’t anchored to the rib cage

· You’ve gained or lost weight



You should be re-fitted every 12 to 18 months, and on average a good quality bra should last about that long. Some will last longer if you have a good collection to change from one to the next, but if you only have one or two, they will wear much more quickly.


Properly washing your bras will help to extend their life.

We recommend hand-washing your bras with a fine fabric wash that’s gentle on the lycra and won’t deteriorate the fabrics.  Forever New, scented or unscented, is our favourite!


Hand-washing is super easy. Fill a basin or sink with cool water, add the recommended amount of Forever liquid or powder, and soak your bras for ten minutes or so.  Give them a little swish and rub lightly under the arms and cups, and then rinse.  Forever New is non-detergent based, so it rinses clear away, no residues left behind.  Gently squeeze and then hang to dry.  That’s it!


If you’re a chronic machine washer, it’s a must that the bras be inserted in a bra bather, designed to keep the wires in their natural shape, and protect the bra from becoming wrapped around other items in the wash.

Gentle cycle is best, and always hang to dry.  Lycra does not like heat!



Special Occasion?


Pauline’s has a variety of bras and shapewear for special occasion dressing. We recommend bringing your outfit with you when you come in to select the pieces that will compliment your look best.


Choose from strapless bras, backless and adhesive varieties, plunge and push-up, and a variety of handy tapes and strap holders that will make your special fashions look perfect.  These items combined with shapewear and slips or camisoles make your clothing glide over the body with a seamless appeal. You may not necessarily need shapewear, but it creates a flawless look.





Frequently Asked Questions


My bra leaves an outline on my body after I take it off; is this bad?

                No, this is actually good!  It tells you your bra has stayed where it belongs all day and provided the support you need for your breasts, shoulders and posture overall.


Is one bra enough?

                One good fitting bra is a good start, but if you want your bras to last, one is just not enough.  No matter the quality, one bra that you wear repeatedly without a break will wear out very quickly, so, ideally 3 to 4 bras in rotation help with the lifespan of the bras, and gives you a variety to choose from. 


How often should I wash my bra?

                If it’s an athletic bra, you should definitely wash it every time you use it, and with a product like Forever New that will remove the perspiration from the fabric.  Your other bras can be worn 2 to 3 times, then washed and given a day or two break to allow the fabric to recover.


Should my bras all be the same?

                That’s up to you.  You may prefer to have all the same style, or you may like a variety.  As long as they all fit correctly, a selection that suits your wardrobe works well.




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